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Advertising on Radio SHON, SHON Express

Our mission is to craft the punchiest radio campaigns possible, guaranteeing your products and services optimal exposure. With advertising reaching near-saturation levels and consumer eyeballs shifting away from traditional ads, we stand out from the crowd and provide unique exposure.

  • Supporting our listeners' favorite radio station will give your ad a positive brand connotation.
  • We offer many different advertisement options and combinations to suite your
  • specific advertising needs
    • You may choose from a variety of advertising options like Commercial Spots, Segment Sponsorship, Interviews.
    • Sponsorship of any feature is not only an excellent way to advertise your company and help secure it as a South Asian household name, but it is also extremely cost effective.

Are you opening a new store? We will do the radio show Live-On Location.
For a quick turnaround in your company's bottom line with radio advertising solutions that work ensuring the best bang for your buck and at a cost that is WOW!