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Submit questions for Celebrity Numerologist Rajiv Sharma and get your answers every Tuesday at 10.20 AM on Radio SHON (CINA 1650 AM)
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OR Tune-In to SHON EXPRESS, (CMR 101.3 FM), Mondays and Wednesdays at 2.20 PM for live predictions

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Shalini brings your daily dose of favourite Bollywood gossips, Latest and old classics, NEWS around the world, Health updates, Latest studies, Current Affairs, Live interviews, fitness tips and Positive talks to make the life full of fun-on two Popular radio Shows

SHON EXPRESS, Masti Ki Railgadi- CMR 101.3 FM, Mon to Fri 9AM-11AM


Radio SHON- CINA 1650 AM, Mon to Fri 10-11 AM

The shows' concept is original and brings something new to the listeners with the creative and innovative approach. The shows are a mix of Music and Spoken Word. The concept, while being delightful, also inspires introspection and deep thought in the minds of the listeners. We cover contemporary music, poetry, current issues & highlight social causes, particularly call on the goodwill of multicultural listeners to be responsible & respected citizens & contribute in their own ways, to make our society a better place to live in.

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Numerovani: Send your questions to Rajiv Sharma
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